Tiny abstractions with functions in Go.

Mat Ryer · 7 Dec 2020

Tiny abstractions with functions in Go.

Mat Ryer · 7 Dec 2020

Abstractions are one of the most useful tools in a programmer’s belt, but early abstraction (carving them out before you should, when you don’t have enough information) remains one of our biggest sins.

Since Go functions and methods are values, we can write small, low-commitment abstractions which can not be too complicated, while still providing flexibility and improved testability.

Functions are values

This is valid Go code:

greet := func(name string) string {
	return "Hello, " + name
// Output: Hello, Mat

We create a variable called greet (which has the type func(string) string) and assign it to an actual Go function.

We can call it like we would any other function, greet("Mat").

This works because functions in Go are values.

We can pass functions into other functions, and store them in structs, and even return them from other functions.

Tiny abstractions

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