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Beautifully subtle light and dark themes

Everything your team needs—track work, async-by-default communication, showcase progress all wrapped up in a minimalist user experience.
Pace enables you to record your screen right in the comments box—making it easy for you to share your progress with everyone else.
You can ask questions or start conversations with individuals and teams—async by default, so your time is protected.
Features like our built-in GitHub integration make it easy for you to track progress by mentioning cards in issues, comments and even code commits.

Work uninterrupted.

Pace doesn't knock for your attention every five minutes like someone we could mention. You'll only get told about the things you're interested in—with discrete muting so you can finally focus.

Async first.

Remote and co-located teams can take advantage of asynchronous communication by default.


Pace is designed to encourage healthy work practices for teams—allowing you to do your best work.

Responsible responsibility.

Pace prevents other people from assigning work to you—teams and individuals are most successful when they have a say in where they spend their time.

An experience.

Your experience with Pace will be fast, simple and lightweight—not bloated with features you don't need.


Pace stays out of your way so you can spend more time where it matters most.

Even our pricing is minimalist…

$7 /user/month

14 days free trial
No credit card required

10GB free storage then $0.20 per extra GB/month

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